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Rhea Freeman

PR & Marketing

Don't keep your product a secret!

Helping companies promote themselves in a cost effective manner is exactly what our service is all about. Even if you’ve got the most amazing product in the world, if it’s a well kept secret, the chances are that it won’t fulfil its the key is to get it out there and get it noticed!

Advertising is the most traditional form of product promotion, but keeping a close eye on features lists and making the most out of editorial opportunities can maximise any exposure at no extra cost. In addition to printed media, there’s now the social media aspect which is low cost and very effective.

Rhea Freeman PR has an excellent raft of equestrian contacts and long standing relationships with editors. This helps us find out what’s going on in the various equestrian publications as well as what’s out there that could help you and your products. Being in regular contact with these magazines puts us ahead of the game, and this advantage could be one that you make the most out of too.